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Pug Webkinz HM105 NWT

Pug Webkinz HM105 NWT

NWT Webkinz Pug HM105

* Regular standard size
* Attached tag
* Unused sealed code

* Each pet comes with their own code that gives you access to all the games, activities and fun in the virtual Webkinz World

* One look at that face and you will fall in love with the Pug. This pup loves playing with his pals all day long in the park. Slides are his favorite playground toy, but he is quite a fan of the swings too. A day spent playing can really wear a pup out. He relaxes his tired muscles at the end of the day by putting his feet up in his Puggy Bark-o-Lounger and devouring a delicious Wrinkled Pugcake.
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